Preventative services now covered by Original Medicare and Medigap plans

Medicare plan has been introduced for quite a long time in the U.S. to provide respite to seniors and the disabled to get good quality medical care. But the truth is that it does not offer 100% coverage and the policy holders are required to pay co-insurance, co-pays and deductibles. Medicare plans do pay a lot to accommodate different types of healthcare services, however, still fails to meet other requirements. It is here that Medigap or Medicare Supplement plans have been introduced to fill up this gap left by original Medicare.

The supplemental or Medigap plan is provided to the eligible citizens by the private insurance firms. Medigap policies do come with specific benefits. The insurance firms are allowed to sell only modernized Medigap policies and not deviate from it at any point of time.

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Medigap coverage, according to the industry experts needs to be taken along with Original Medicare policy. It is important for the person to have both Medicare Part A & B. In case, the person and his/her spouse is interested to get Medicare Supplement plans, then they are to purchase their policies separately. This is because, only one person is covered by Medigap policies.

Available Medicare Supplement plans

State and Federal laws are said to regulate Medigap policies. The laws have been designed, so as to safeguard the policy holder as a beneficiary. These policies also have been labeled clearly as ‘Medicare Supplement plans’. There are 11 different modern plans to select from in majority of the sates, ranging from Plan A to N.

Different types of benefits are offered by Medicare plans and the features are very much the same for each and every insurance firm. But the private insurance firms set their prices for the plans and decide the policies to promote more in the market.

If the person has Part B Medicare for over 12 months, then he/she is eligible to get annual ‘wellness’ visit to update or develop personalized plan. This is to prevent diseases based upon current risk and health factors. However, this particular visit comes with single coverage for every 12 months.

Again, if the person receives preventative visit ‘Welcome to Medicare’, then he/she will have to wait for 12 months prior to availing the initial annual ‘wellness’ visit. Prior to annual ‘wellness’ visit, there is not required ‘Welcome to Medicare’. For this annual ‘wellness’ visit, nothing needs to be paid, if the healthcare provider or doctor accepts the assignment.

Photo Journaling in 2020

One of the biggest benefits of technology today is being able to document all of the things you love to do and share them with your friends and family, or even with the whole world. Photo journaling is the perfect way to have fun with your life during retirement, and being able to document the activities you love to do.

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Traveling around the city, country, or even the world is immensely rewarding for anyone interested in it. To add even more benefit to the intrinsic value of traveling, start a blog or photo journal of all of your journies. Stay local if you want and take pictures of your everyday life, or go a little further outside your comfort zone to explore new places you’ve never been before. If you leave the country, research which Medicare supplement plans might cover you while you’re abroad.


The benefit of having worldwide reach with your online photo journal is that there are billions of people in the world and each have many different interests. Regardless of what you are passionate about documenting when you travel, chances are there is a wide following of people around the world that are also interested in the very same subjects. The chances of building a following online with the very things that you already love to see and do are definitely in your favor.

Medicare Supplement Plans 2020

Vast countryside landscapes are certainly a popular option, along with city skylines or life in the city in general. You may enjoy experiencing different cultures away from what you’re familiar with at home and can document the unique cuisines, lifestyles, homes, clothes, and technologies of the different places you visit.


Write about all of your experiences and tell the world why you chose to do that particular activity or go to that particular place, and share how each one made you feel. It’s extremely valuable, intrinsically, to be able to explore and learn new things as you travel, and be able to talk about them and have conversations with people. You might grow into a new hobby you never knew you’d be interested in or find a new subject you like to document a bit more than others. Find a niche that you really appreciate and really have fun diving into it. People enjoy seeing other peoples’ perspectives and are drawn to beautiful, stimulating photos. You may even want to make some extra money selling your beautiful images!

How do Medicare and Medigap pay medical bills?

Medicare and Medicare supplement plans go hand in hand. If a person has just Medicare policy that only a part of the bills will be paid and will leave a huge chunk of bills including deductibles and copayments to be paid by the person. This might seem to be a small amount but actually accumulates to be a heavy amount. Medigap policies cover these extra costs and prove to be a smart move as all the medical expenses are covered. The best part is that the payment of medical bills is done automatically thus making it extremely easy to use.


Approval and billing:

In certain cases, the tests and scans might need prior approval from the Medicare that it will cover the bill. So before any tests like MRI or CAT scan or any other expensive test is scheduled, the hospital first gets a confirmation from Medicare. The communication is swift and easy and done electronically. After the tests or procedures are done, the bill is sent to Medicare electronically and it pays for the amount responsible directly to the hospitals.

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Now Medicare pays only for the portion that Medicare policies cover. The rest of the bill is then paid by Medigap if the person has one. Medicare uses a system called “crossover” under which the Medigap Insurance Company gets electronically notified. The only thing a person needs to do is show the Medicare supplement plan identification card along with the Medicare card to the present medical providers and the rest is taken care of.

It might happen that insurance companies do not approve the medical treatments because the only job for insurance companies is to pay the bills for bills that have been approved by Medicare. SO it is important to check whether the services and treatments needed are covered by Medicare or Medigap supplement plans.

Billing issues:

There are hardly any billing issues but if in certain cases if the bill is not paid as a  result of a bill getting lost in the system, it is an easy process to file it with Medicare. To make sure that all the bills are paid, a cross-check can be done with the Explanation of benefits mailed by Medicare that contains a summary of the approved and paid bills. An account can also be created on an online Medicare website where the bills can be viewed as per needs.

Earning Extra Money Online During Retirement

If you find yourself having some extra time in your retirement, why not fill it up with fun activities that could earn you some extra money at the same time?

Start a blog

Everyone has at least one thing they’re passionate about or are an expert in. Sharing that passion with the world has never been easier than it is today with a simple internet connection. Most blogs are free to create or you can spend pretty minimal money springing for a nicer or more customizable one for yourself.


Spend a few hours making it look presentable to the public and start writing short posts about your special topic. Start promoting it to your network and accumulate a following of people who enjoy your content. Before you know it, you could be getting offers for advertisements to put on your site, or build an email list big enough and companies may ask you to promote their products to your following for them.

Make arts & crafts

If you’re good with your hands and enjoy spending your time making things, you don’t even need a following online to sell your products. There are plenty of websites these days that let you create an account and sell to users on their platform, like Amazon, Ebay, or Shopify. If you get a big enough demand, you may even consider selling on your own personal website instead, and keep even more profit for yourself.

Take surveys

Many companies offer money to consumers to try to understand what they want and how they can give it to them. Offering to spend time taking surveys for companies requires little effort, no skill, and takes less time than you’d spend researching different Medicare supplement plans. All you have to do is be honest, and you might learn about some pretty cool products as well.

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Much like taking surveys for companies, some of them want you to test out their product before it hits the market and find any flaws or inconveniences with it. Same goes for websites, they may be launching a new site or section of their site and want to make sure their customers can easily navigate it to find what they’re looking for and aren’t confused by it.


Some of these may only pay a few dollars each time you do it, but if you have the extra time and you do it enough, the money can really add up and required very little effort.

Retirement Resources for Veterans

If you’re like most retired Vets today you may have experienced an overwhelming amount of information about retirement and healthcare options. From GI Bill and military disability benefits to choosing the right Medicare supplement plans, the amount of information out there is substantial and can be confusing. Don’t overlook these important resources designed to make navigating retirement a breeze.

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Veterans Affairs

The first place to consider for all of your military service related needs is the VA. Although it can seem large and confusing at times, it’s a central location for anything relating to disability compensation, healthcare, pension, loans, employment, etc. You can also find programs for geriatrics, long-term care, and home care.


Some benefits you might be eligible for and not even know about include additional life insurance plans, tax preparation, and mortgage assistance. Certain benefits aren’t always the easiest to find for yourself, so it’s best to contact them directly and ask a professional to walk you through everything you may be eligible for.


Becoming a member of AARP gives you access to a wealth of knowledge from the retirement community as a whole. You can find financial professionals to help you manage your money, travel professionals to help you find the best ways to plan your next trip, or health professionals if you’re interested in consulting a personal trainer or a nutritionist, to name a few. As a member you’ll also have access to variety of discounts on all of these products and services you love. Discounted movie tickets, restaurants, hotels, and groceries can all be found here.


The online community is also a great place to read about what other retirees are doing or warning you against doing. It’s a fantastic place for sharing knowledge in a central location for everyone to learn about best practices for anything you’re looking for in your retirement.

Nonprofits and Associations

Depending on your experience in service or your interests, you may find that you fit in nicely with the mission of a nonprofit and want to contribute your time of efforts. Or you may be eligible for certain membership associations like the American Legion or VFW if you satisfy their membership requirements.

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Once you’re apart of these organizations you’ll be able to take advantage of any special benefits they provide specifically to their members. In addition to their specific benefits, you may even find them to be a great resource for networking and building new friendships.

Eligibility of Medicare Supplement Plan

The supplement plan of Medicare is done by private health insurance.  Medicare supplement work under the prerequisites of Medicare Part A, and Part B. For one to enjoy the services of Medicare Supplement one has to be enrolled in a Medicare.  Medicare part A and B are only for the US citizens or alternatively for the permanent legal inhabitants.  The persons enclosed on this act must be 65 years old and above. They must be diagnosed with end stage renal disease, enduring kidney malfunction necessitating dialysis or even transplant.  One must be prior getting disability benefits from the social security administration or the Railroad Retirement Board. One is eligible or viable after getting disability benefits for 24 months in a rank.

One is eligible for Medicare supplement if diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease.  Most cases one becomes eligible for the Medicare Supplement because of the age.  Find out how at law of federal does not permit one to receive Medicare Supplement plan under the age of 65.  In some United States of America some parts do allow one to get the services or to be enrolled under the age of 65.  One can apply for Medicare Supplement after going through Part A and part B.  Once when one get enrolled in Medicare Supplement one must start to pay the agreed premium in order to be cared for by the company.  The Medicare does not cater for any premium fee of the client.

The open staffing transom is a six months period, starting on the day Medicare B becomes useful. The eligibility of Medicare must be sustained fully by an individual. Once when one get enrolled due to old age it is obligatory to abide within the set terms and conditions of the Medicare supplement. Failure to comply with the set policies of Medicare Supplement one can be terminated. It is advisable the old men and women to be loyal and patriotic so as to continue enjoying the set rules of the Medicare Supplement. The authentic eligibility must be in the Original Medicare, and the Americans should avoid be duped or played games by scammers and cons.

In case one wants to cease to be a member of Medicare it must be done in an official manner. The patient should go to the Human Resource department so that to give detailed information for quitting the Medicare Supplement. It is not fair not to rise up one day and decide to quit from the Medicare Supplement. If a person who was receiving the services of Medicare dies his or her information should be forwarded to the office. The employees of Medicare are highly trained with professionalism, integrity, and prudence in dealing with the clients.  The enrollment of Medicare is done in an upright manner where no cases of corruption or illegality have ever been heard. The enrolment is focused to assist the old people to be less vulnerable and live long. It is quite important the old individuals who have attained the age of 65 to start enjoying services of Medicare.


Challenges Facing Medicare Supplements Plan

Irrespective of Medicare providing a number of benefits to the clients it faces a number of challenges.  The gradual ongoing raising costs services are a concern need to be sorted. In order for people to get worthy treatment services from Medicare Supplement some conditions must be met. Professional employees ought to be hired, and reliable equipment must be available. The Medicare Supplements Plan faces shortage of finances with the low incomes and critical health problems.  There is a lot of complexity experienced by the administration system due to Medicare covering a set of portion of medical expenses.

Smart strategies need to be put in place to ensure smooth running of the leadership system.   The increasing number of patients need to be served with good services, reducing physical and cognitive limitations.  The chronic conditions of the old age need to be sorted out with a lot of intelligence and professionalism. The viability and the significance of Medicare need to be maintained at all costs so as to fetch a lot of patients as much as possible.  Medicare Supplement insurance plans are not permitted to cover part D, which is the prescription drug plan. Part D is a different purchase and has a distinct terms and conditions attached to it.


A person enrolled for Medicare Supplement plan is demanded to keep track of three different cards. These include; insurance plans card, Medicare supplement, and medical card. This can be really confusing to an old  man or woman.  Medicare premiums are not always constant they hike once in a while.  Medicare meets some challenges among the staff. It is quite unusual  when   solidarity among the employees is not manifested and doesn’t meet the common good of the  company when the staff are  working in a disintegrated manner. The bridging of the gap between the clients and the employees has not been effectively met. A synergy need to be put in place so  the manager, staff, and the clients be in a harmony with one another. The specialists who usually offer services to the old individuals work out on hypothetical deduction method which might not be so exact. This may lead to dysfunction to the patients or even death of the patients.

There some restrictions of persons fewer than 65 age who cannot enjoy the services of Medicare. Some people living in United States may not have attained the age but may be in the dire need of medical care. In terms of drug prescription Medicare does not offer any subsidiary to the patients. The clients have to pay for the full payment cost.

The Medicare may deny a person to decline from its services after being enrolled. This is a disadvantage because it limits the autonomous aspect of the patient by lessening the freewill.  Medicare does not offer the 100% information needed to counsel the patients. It majors its services by giving treatment services to the sick patients. It faces the limitations of counselors and psychologists who can really assist the old people to get liberated out from depression or stressful conditions.