Photo Journaling in 2020

One of the biggest benefits of technology today is being able to document all of the things you love to do and share them with your friends and family, or even with the whole world. Photo journaling is the perfect way to have fun with your life during retirement, and being able to document the activities you love to do.

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Traveling around the city, country, or even the world is immensely rewarding for anyone interested in it. To add even more benefit to the intrinsic value of traveling, start a blog or photo journal of all of your journies. Stay local if you want and take pictures of your everyday life, or go a little further outside your comfort zone to explore new places you’ve never been before. If you leave the country, research which Medicare supplement plans might cover you while you’re abroad.


The benefit of having worldwide reach with your online photo journal is that there are billions of people in the world and each have many different interests. Regardless of what you are passionate about documenting when you travel, chances are there is a wide following of people around the world that are also interested in the very same subjects. The chances of building a following online with the very things that you already love to see and do are definitely in your favor.

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Vast countryside landscapes are certainly a popular option, along with city skylines or life in the city in general. You may enjoy experiencing different cultures away from what you’re familiar with at home and can document the unique cuisines, lifestyles, homes, clothes, and technologies of the different places you visit.


Write about all of your experiences and tell the world why you chose to do that particular activity or go to that particular place, and share how each one made you feel. It’s extremely valuable, intrinsically, to be able to explore and learn new things as you travel, and be able to talk about them and have conversations with people. You might grow into a new hobby you never knew you’d be interested in or find a new subject you like to document a bit more than others. Find a niche that you really appreciate and really have fun diving into it. People enjoy seeing other peoples’ perspectives and are drawn to beautiful, stimulating photos. You may even want to make some extra money selling your beautiful images!