Retirement Resources for Veterans

If you’re like most retired Vets today you may have experienced an overwhelming amount of information about retirement and healthcare options. From GI Bill and military disability benefits to choosing the right Medicare supplement plans, the amount of information out there is substantial and can be confusing. Don’t overlook these important resources designed to make navigating retirement a breeze.

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Veterans Affairs

The first place to consider for all of your military service related needs is the VA. Although it can seem large and confusing at times, it’s a central location for anything relating to disability compensation, healthcare, pension, loans, employment, etc. You can also find programs for geriatrics, long-term care, and home care.


Some benefits you might be eligible for and not even know about include additional life insurance plans, tax preparation, and mortgage assistance. Certain benefits aren’t always the easiest to find for yourself, so it’s best to contact them directly and ask a professional to walk you through everything you may be eligible for.


Becoming a member of AARP gives you access to a wealth of knowledge from the retirement community as a whole. You can find financial professionals to help you manage your money, travel professionals to help you find the best ways to plan your next trip, or health professionals if you’re interested in consulting a personal trainer or a nutritionist, to name a few. As a member you’ll also have access to variety of discounts on all of these products and services you love. Discounted movie tickets, restaurants, hotels, and groceries can all be found here.


The online community is also a great place to read about what other retirees are doing or warning you against doing. It’s a fantastic place for sharing knowledge in a central location for everyone to learn about best practices for anything you’re looking for in your retirement.

Nonprofits and Associations

Depending on your experience in service or your interests, you may find that you fit in nicely with the mission of a nonprofit and want to contribute your time of efforts. Or you may be eligible for certain membership associations like the American Legion or VFW if you satisfy their membership requirements.

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Once you’re apart of these organizations you’ll be able to take advantage of any special benefits they provide specifically to their members. In addition to their specific benefits, you may even find them to be a great resource for networking and building new friendships.